Coaching for Parents of Adult Kids Who Can’t or Won’t Grow Up?

And are you wondering what you can do to help yourself, too?

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Dr. Jane Adams has a six-part coaching model to help you help yourself as well as your adult child. It’s the only program specifically designed for midlife parents whose offspring are addicted, depressed or dependent, have boomeranged back home again or or never left, and seem stuck on the road to real adulthood while many of their peers are already there. It’s not therapy, although it’s based on psychological theory and practice.

It doesn’t require long hours on the couch while you wallow in guilt and blame, or tearful evenings sharing your family’s personal history with a room full of strangers. It offers troubled parents the support, advice and assistance they need to turn the responsibility for their lives over to them, and co-create the kind of honest, authentic, intimate, mutual relationship parents and their grown children both want and need.

With this unique, affordable, personalized program, you’ll work with the Dr. Adams by phone and email. Each of six modules offers specific strategies and techniques that address your adult child’s needs as well as your own. You’ll work at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to master a new and more mutual relationship with your “almost-adults”, until you’re both well on the way to creating happier, more productive lives.

Personal Coaching for Family Business Owners

Family-owned and operated enterprises present particular challenges for first, second and third generations – those who work in the business and those who don’t, but may have equity interests in them. The overlap between family and business issues often strains productivity and satisfaction in both – between parents and children, among siblings, and with those who are involved with the principals, either personally or professionally. Experience with clients who need support in coping with the challenges and rewards involved in satisfying both business and personal goals, protecting their own interests as well as those of the company, maintaining peak performance as well as managing non-family employees, and finding resources for succession planning, business coaching, and peer support from others facing similar challenges informs Jane Adams’ coaching in this very specific issue of boundary management.

Life Boundary Coaching

Boundaries are how we resolve the conflict between our needs for intimacy as well as autonomy, how we regulate distance and closeness, how we protect the self by encroachment from others while still remaining open and responsive to their needs and connecting more deeply with those we love, work and live with. Many of the issues that get in the way of relationship satisfaction are grounded in difficulties in establishing boundaries, finding a good fit between our careers and our values, balancing the conflicting demands of the personal and professional areas of life, and sharing our inner selves with others. They can be resolved without endless hours of one to one therapy in a coaching relationship that focuses on clarifying goals, seeing the obstacles to realizing them, understanding the multigenerational transmission of family boundaries and using boundary intelligence and its specific tools to manage yourself in all your relationships – with friends, family, partners, colleagues and acquaintances.

To learn more about Dr. Adams’ personalized coaching, contact her at, (206) 624-2236.