Would You Tell Me About Your Grown Kids?

If you have a 20 to 34 year old “emerging adult,” I’d like to hear from you for a new book about how you’re navigating this third decade with them.  Whether yours are already launched or still (or back) at home, chances are you’re still closely connected to them, even though your relationship has changed. That’s the subject of this survey, and here’s what I hope you’ll share with me. Or even just think about.

Please send me your responses at (subject line: Third Decade) and be as brief or as lengthy as you like.  I’ll keep your replies confidential and anonymous. And if you’d like to be interviewed personally by phone, tell me that, too. And of course, you can always post your thoughts or responses here!

Here’s what I’d like to know about you and your adult children:

How old are they? How  close are you to them? How has the relationship changed since they were 20? Is it emotionally closer, more distant, or the same? How often do you connect, how (text, phone, e-mail, in person)? Who usually initiates the contact?  What do you talk about? What kinds of questions do you ask or get asked? How confiding or private are they? How aware of you are their issues, moods, worries, relationships, challenges?  What kind of support do they need or do you give them? Has this stage of their lives changed your plans for your own, and how? Are you generally satisfied with where they are in their lives now?  Are they? What’s your biggest concern about them?

Thank you for your help!

By janeellen

Jane Adams PHD Social Psychologist