Grown Kids Living At Home? Take This Survey…Please!

If you have grown kids living at home and would like to participate in a new book on the subject, I’d like your input! Please copy this questionnaire into a new document, answer the questions, and return it by e-mail to  All answers will be confidential – but if you’re willing to be interviewed, let me know how to reach you.  Thanks!

What’s the biggest challenge of living with grown kids?

What do you like best about it?  Least?

Is this open-ended, or is a departure date or event planned?

How has your relationship changed since the last time they lived with you?

How much of their life outside the house do they share with you?

Do their emotional ups and downs affect you? How?

Do they ask for your advice – if not, do you give it anyway? About what?

Do they pay rent or otherwise contribute to household expenses or chores?

Besides housing, what other expenses of theirs do you pay for?

Has having them at home changed your plans for this stage of life?

Does it impact your marriage, health, or financial security?

What worries you most about your grown kids?

What do they still need from you?

Their Ages:___________    How Long They’ve Been Home:___________

By janeellen

Jane Adams PHD Social Psychologist