How to Know If Your Family Business Is Ruining Your Family’s Life

Here’s a quick quiz to help you determine if your family business is  having a negative impact on relationships in your family.


1=never    2=sometimes    3=often   4=always

My personal and business friends are the same people.     ________

When I leave work, I don’t think about it – when I’m
off duty, I’m really off.                            ________

It’s important to feel personally close to the people
I work with, more so if they’re family members.        ________

My performance review affects how I feel about myself.      _________

When I have problems at home, it’s difficult to
concentrate at work.                                                        _________

I’m open about my personal life with my colleagues
including family members in the business.            ________

I’d rather work closely with family members
in the company than by myself or with my own staff.             _______

When family members are having personal difficulties
we should cut them more slack than other employees
and make allowance for their performance.                       ______

My needs and those of my immediate family  take
precedence over the needs of the business or my
responsibilities at work.                                                  _____

Where someone is in the company hierarchy
doesn’t affect my personal relationship with him/her.        ________

TOTAL                _______

The higher the total, the thinner the boundary is between your personal life and the family business.  You may be at risk for burnout, stress, and emotional as well as logistical overload.

By janeellen

Jane Adams PHD Social Psychologist