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Being a parent doesn’t end – it lasts as long as you do. I’m a social psychologist who’s been studying how we handle our kids’ transitions from youth to adulthood – on time, late or still not there yet. From Sex and the Single Parent to I’m Still Your Mother and When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us, I’ve been interviewing, researching and coaching parents who want their grown kids to be happy and successful in life but want a mutual, loving and authentic relationship with them even more.

Whether you’re a baby boomer or a GenX er, if your kids have moved out or boomeranged back in, and even if the ties that bind are frayed and worn, they’re still what keeps you together.

On this website, you’ll find tools, tips and strategies to renew and restore those ties. I’ll update you with Between the Lines, my regular blog from Psychology Today, as well as new findings and old techniques from expert sources all over the world. You’ll read first-person accounts of parents who are dealing with their kids’ serious issues – addiction , disease and dependence. Others who better connections with their estranged kids. And many who want to be a grandparent who really makes a difference in a youngster’s life. For real solutions to real problems, be sure to check out the questions and answers on FAQ. (Need a new link to these). You’ll also find an occasional article or blog titled “On My Mind” that’s only distantly related to parenthood, because while we’re all parents, we’re also people with a wide range of other skills, ideas and relationships in the world beyond our families.

I’ll keep you current with new speech topics, links to other sources of interest and inspiration, and media or other appearances like those I’ve done on Oprah, Today, and Good Morning America (link to those clips on my site, cut the other ones).. If you send me your name and e-mail, I’ll subscribe you to my newsletter. (Add one here) And I’m always be available to talk to you (link here to the coaching offer) about the issues that keep you from having the time of your life at the best stage of parenthood – after the day-to-day care taking is over and they’re old enough to live the kind of lives you always wanted for them.

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Personal Coaching

Now you can connect with the Post-Parent Coach for an introductory personal coaching session that will give you a whole new perspective on your relationship with your adult children.

Learn strategies and techniques to improve your communication with them, change the way you deal with their problems , cope with having them back under your roof, and move them toward independence. It just could be the best $100 you ever spent!

If you’re ready to make a better connection with your grown child, make one with the coach first! Just e-mail me with a brief description of the situation and the most convenient times to “meet” by phone. Pay via Pay Pal, confirm the date / time of our teleconference, & let’s talk!

Boundary Blog


Boundaries are how we get – or don’t – the two things we want most in life and love – intimacy and Independence . Dr. Jane explains it all to you with a boost from Dr. Henry Cloud @Boundaries.Me.

Between the Lines


A study of over a thousand Israeli teenagers informed by family systems theory and intergenerational solidity found a robust link between intergenerational relationships and adolescent adjustment. The research indicated that emotional closeness between grandparents and grandchildren has a mediating role between parents and their children, especially the offspring of the closest grandparent, reducing friction and bringing the two younger generations closer together.

Marla, who hasn’t spoken to her mother in several years, made an effort to patch things up between them when her children neared adolescence. “It was Grandparents Day at their school, and they expressed sadness because theirs weren’t there,” she said. “My daughter said, Is there something wrong with them or you?” she reported, “That brought me up short – I stopped speaking to them years ago because of reasons that have nothing to do with my kids, it was more about their disapproval of me, but that’s not reason enough to stand in the way of their relationship.”

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